Entretiens Internationaux
"The Monaco International Talks" is an independent association which organize congress on complementary medicines finding and releasing a recent, complete, strict and objective scientific information. Their interests are large...
Médecines complémentaires
The complementary medicines interest more and more people in the word. The Monaco International Talks used to create a speaking and thinking free space, unique in the world, dedicated to these medicines and free from politic, economic and social constraints.
Son Altesse Sérénissime la Princesse Antoinette de Monaco
Since 1983, Princess Antoinette of Monaco has created the Monaco International Talks. Thanks to her motivation, her combativeness, her omnipresence and her determination, all aspects of complementary medicines are approached from a theoretical and practice perspective.


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GIRI, due to its nternational structure, organizes workshops yearly throughout the world. The aim of the GIRI is to bring together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians, chemists, physicists and other professionals to communicate, exchange experiences and develop joint research projects; the distinctive feature of the research activities of the group is the study of ultra low dose substances or high dilutions, homeopathy included. Although the mechanism of action of the very diluted solutions of active principles on biological systems is an important concern of the GIRI, the major interest of the Group is directed towards the advancement and understanding of high dilution effects. More than one hundred persons are GIRI members, coming from 20 different countries.

The GIRI was created in Monaco in 1985, sharing the same values as the Monaco Talks, by HSH Princess Antoinette de Monaco, Prof. Madeleine Bastide and Dr René-Philippe Halm.